The Power of Appreciation

As most of you know, I am a Marine Corps wife.  Yes, my husband retired back in 2016, but like a Marine is always a Marine the same goes for his/ her spouse.  In 1999, my fate was sealed when I met Chad.  I knew my life would never be the same.  My simple life from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, turned into one where I traveled the world, sent my husband off to war (more than once), had babies in cities I had never heard of before I lived in them (hello Yuma and Beaufort), and learned how to unpack and set up a house in 3 days or less.  It was a great ride–an amazing ride.  It had its challenges, but the rewards were manifold and formed me into the person I am today.  I would not have done one thing differently.

This past weekend, Chad and I went on a walk around our neighborhood.  Since he has retired, we take more walks.  Life is slower.  We talk a lot more.  Most of it revolves around our two kids, but they are good walks and talks.  But this weekend’s walk/talks was one of my favorites…

Chad and our son, Sam, went to see yet another military movie, “Twelve Strong” this weekend prior to our walk. When a new military movie comes out, those two are first in line.  I guess Chad saw something in this movie that inspired the following. While on our walk, Chad grabbed my hand and told me how the movie made him recall all we had been through during our Marine Corps years.  He told me how much he appreciated my strength when he had to go off to war and I was left behind with our week-old Sam.  He said he could not imagine what it must have been like for me to be with Sam in the hospital while he was hospitalized again at 4 weeks and watch him flying over the skies of Bagdad on the news.  He recalled how strong I was when he went again right after our daughter was born three years later (are you seeing the trend here?).

I told him it was nothing.  My staying at home with our kids was nothing while he was away fighting in a war.  But he replied that it was something and he so appreciates making it look easy when he knows it was not.

Over the years, I have been handed red plastic folders by Generals who had thanked me for my service to Marine Corps families and my husband.  And Chad has even publicly thanked me in his command speeches.  This time, however, made my heart melt.

Since Chad retired, he has been my biggest fan.  He has supported every facet of my business, encouraged me to trust my instincts, and know my worth.  On the most discouraging of days, Chad has been here to lift me up.  And with every new client or step forward, he has congratulated and been genuinely happy for me.  And though today’s words from him were so kind and heartfelt, I always knew he believed in me and always knew I had the strength to handle things.  I already had the fuel to start this business journey.  But hearing his appreciation and thank you for all those years reminds me of what I have handled and shows me what I can do in this world.  It goes to show what a little appreciation can do for someone’s spirit.

So for all of my Marine Corps sisters still in the fight with your husband.  For those of you that wait the long days out with little ones at your knees.  For those of you sitting alone at the dinner table because he is deployed.  There will come a day when this life is over and he will look over to you, grab your hand and tell you how amazing and strong you really were and are.  In those words of appreciation and gratefulness, you will know you, too, can do just about anything in this world!

Author: jennyboyles

Jenny resides outside Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and two children. She has been a proud Marine Corps wife for the past 16 years and is now planting some roots and spreading her wings in her husband's retirement. Jenny's organization, hard work ethic and strong communication skills will help your business grow.

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