One of, if not THE, most important components to a successful business is communication.

Communication with fellow workers, clients and potential clients….

I have seen it all too many times when a client is lost because “the loop was not closed.” It is really is simple…

• Answer the emails (even if it is to say you need more time)
• Acknowledge others in their work, successes and endeavors
• Return the voice mails
• Reply to the social media comments and inquiries
• Follow up with a task or job after you complete it
• Make people feel acknowledged and important

Doing any or all of these can make the difference!! I know it can be overwhelming; hire a virtual assistant to help 😉

#tuesdaytip #howcanIhelpyourbusiness #communicate#sosimplebutsohard #delegate #clientservice

Author: jennyboyles

Jenny resides outside Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and two children. She has been a proud Marine Corps wife for the past 16 years and is now planting some roots and spreading her wings in her husband's retirement. Jenny's organization, hard work ethic and strong communication skills will help your business grow.

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