What is a Virtual Assistant?

Many times the term virtual assistant is abbreviated to VA.  A VA usually works from their own home or a personal work space.  They provide professional support to small business or solo entrepreneurs.  They handle administrative, technical or creative tasks:

  • Client correspondence
  • Invoicing
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters and website maintenance
  • Research




My Newest Client…ME

It has been a big year for me.  A year ago I started this awesome journey of being a virtual assistant and starting my own business.  In the past year, I have grown from one client to nearly nine and growing!!!  I have networked locally, virtually and even started a website of my very own.  Yes, it is a work in progress and not as refined as I would like.  But there is room to grow and improve–a journey!

Through this career, I have afforded myself flexibility to work around my kids’ schedules, be at their events and help them with their homework.  Along with this flexibility, I have rediscovered the competitive, hard-working ethic that propelled me through college and graduate school.  I love my clients.  I want to work hard for them, do my best and see their business grow.  This drive became a little buried over the past few years as I focused more on settling our family and making sure the kids and my husband’s needs were met.  I still need to do that, but there is more in my life driving me.

The one thing, however, that I have let go is my fitness routine.  I have never been a workout queen of any sort or one to run a marathon.  But I have always maintained some sort of workout regime just, so I can honestly answer the doctor each year at my physical.  Lately though, my pants have been a little tighter and I feel out of shape.  I always said that I don’t need a scale, but rather my pants will tell me when I am out of shape.  Well, they are screaming at me!!!  WORKOUT, JENNY!!!!!!

So I have hired myself as a virtual assistant to maintain my workout goals.  I am going to do the Couch to 5K program and get back into fighting shape.  Okay, I really just want to drive down the road without feeling my stomach on my pants button.  Can I get an amen!  I am going to use the app to guide me in my routines and integrate the workouts into my work schedule.  That darn exercise will be on my daily To-Do list, and goodness knows I cannot stand an unmarked To-Do item. runfbI do not plan on posting my progress on my business Facebook or website, but rather hope I can integrate this into my work routine better than I have been.  So wish me luck…I have a feeling I might be my most challenging client!



Too much on your plate?

It’s that time of year when days literally get shorter–at least daylight does.  On top of the shorter days, the holidays are right around the corner.  Our minds get filled with the details of our businesses as well as where we need to be and what needs to be done in the next couple of months.

You do not need to handle it all on your own.  A virtual assistant is a perfect way to take some of that work off of your plate.  Allow a VA to help with your overflowing email inbox.  Or delegate your business holiday gift giving to a VA.

Need to promote your holiday specials but busy with the added work that the holidays bring?  Hire a VA to manage your social media.


I promise you that more hours will pop up once you delegate tasks to a VA.  It truly is a cost-effective solution that will find you more hours in the week and grow your business.  Contact me today to learn more.


One of, if not THE, most important components to a successful business is communication.

Communication with fellow workers, clients and potential clients….

I have seen it all too many times when a client is lost because “the loop was not closed.” It is really is simple…

• Answer the emails (even if it is to say you need more time)
• Acknowledge others in their work, successes and endeavors
• Return the voice mails
• Reply to the social media comments and inquiries
• Follow up with a task or job after you complete it
• Make people feel acknowledged and important

Doing any or all of these can make the difference!! I know it can be overwhelming; hire a virtual assistant to help 😉

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On my way…building a future

I feel as though my wheels are turning and look forward to the journey ahead. There is nothing I like more than helping a small business lessen their load and help them focus more on their mission while I take care of the details that get in their way.

For years, I have been searching for the right time and the right job to jump back in the working world.  Though I loved my museum days back at the Smithsonian and in Washington DC, I knew I had to redefine myself based on my current skill set.  Since my museum days were practically in the stone ages at the dawn of the Internet, returning to that field would have required some further education and interning.  It then dawned on me that the past 14 years have provided me with a whole new skill set of organization, flexibility, resourcefulness and communication as a Marine Corps wife.

While living the Marine Corps lifestyle, I was forced into new volunteer positions I otherwise never would have encountered.  I was required to maintain clear and detailed communication with hundreds of families (at times) when planning and carrying out family readiness plans.  My organizational skills were sharpened as I organized family readiness events for large units full of different family structures.  I also learned the art of organization on a personal and family level as we have moved over ten times in the past 17 years.  Flexibility and resourcefulness were key elements to successful deployments and moves.  I am an avid researcher and learner, knowing those two things keep you afloat in new situations.

So the skill set above has landed me here–becoming a virtual assistant.  Through the help of an amazing mentor, Melissa St. Clair, owner of Paper Chaser, I was hired by Freedom Makers based out of San Francisco.  Freedom Makers (FM) is a virtual assistant service provider that hires military spouses.  Through FM, I have two consistent clients.  One is based out of San Francisco and the other out of Washington, DC, thus showing how location is not a factor in virtual assistant services.  Each client has added new skills to my knowledge set, and I enjoy helping their organizations and businesses grow and thrive.

This past week has been a big one.  I have my first independent client and ordered some marketing materials to move forward in advertising my services.  I feel as though my wheels are turning and look forward to the journey ahead.  There is nothing I like more than helping a small business lessen their load and help them focus more on their mission while I take care of the details that get in their way.